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Crazmadsci Hobby Space January 2022

Hobby Space

For the most up to date listing of all my current projects on my hobby desk and waiting in the queue this is the place to read the brief summary of what is to come.

The more in-depth detail of what happens week to week check out my most recent state of the crazy.

For more information regarding goals for the 2022 year check out my 2022 Hobby Goals.

Actively Painting

2022 Benchmark Model

Sculptor: CastnPlay
Source: Adventurer’s Guild December 2022

The current attempt to work on my Benchmark of the best I can paint to highlight areas of desired growth for the new year. This is a great way to gauge your growth in miniature painting.

For updated pictures check out my instagram: @crazmadsci

On The Hobby Desk:

Because I can’t seem to do just one thing at a time.

Snotling Blood Bowl Team

Snotlings Blood Bowl sprues

While the wide majority of my hobby time revolves around 3D printing it is pretty rare that I assemble a model from sprues. This therapeutic building process has been wonderful when I only have a few moments to spare for my hobby.

Current Status: Removing mold lines & attaching to bases

Quest Board

3D printed adventure board from CastnPlay

Going to work on something different for this quest board from CastnPlay’s Adventurers guild release.

Current Status: Assembly & Basing

CastnPlay Kingdom of Thamarya Class Tokens

Character class tokens waiting to be painted.

I 3D printed class tokens from the Kingdom of Thamarya Kickstarter quite some time ago. Not quite knowing what to do with them they have sat in my pile of prints. Now I have a plan!

Current Status: Magnetization!

All the Goblins!

The box of goblins to be worked on from Lost Adventures Vol 1

I may have a crazy number of goblins but it is about time I do something with them! Stay tuned as this becomes a pretty lengthy post series.

Current Status: Basing, Pinning and Sorting

Actively Printing:


I am working hard on a new to resin 3D printing series. Starting out the series will contain write ups on how to read some of the most popular exposure time calibrations

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