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The Joy of Test Printing: Lost Adventures Volume 3 Uncharted Lands!

Quicklinks: Blasted Isle, Heart of the GreenSea, Kobold Coalition, Town of GreyMill, Moonlit Mountains

As my regular readers would know I have been working towards printing 100% of the models from both the Lost Adventures Volume 1 and Lost Adventures Volume 2 Kickstarters. I have always been a fan of the magnitude of models and variety of terrain and miniatures that come with each project and at such a great price point. However my absolute favorite thing is that this is one of the best collaborations of artists representing the sculpting community for 3D printing in the tabletop space. It is a fantastic way to get a taste of the talent that is out there in the community if you are new to the hobby for your games. I have discovered several of my favorite artists this way.

What may not be as common of knowledge is that I am a volunteer test printer for the past three Kickstarters after they were looking volunteers after the original Lost Dragons Kickstarter in 2018. I of course offered my services and have been helping the gang there ever since. I have immensely enjoyed getting surprised each time I print something new as I have no idea what i’ll be asked to test, the size of the model, or what it even looks like. Talk about fun, it is kinda like Christmas.

Well the time has come! The newest Kickstarter has officially launched! Check out and show them some love, while unlocking some of those juicy stretch goals! If you want to see some of my personal experiences with a few of the modes thus far read on!

In honor of the newly launched Kickstarter I thought i’d share some of the models I tested that are coming with the Kickstarter. Make sure to follow the blog and check back on the homepage for links to the individual printing logs which include how long it took to print and total cost of each print. I also add assembly information along with the profile settings for my prints if you have any questions on how things are put together.

Lost Adventures Volume 3 Model Preview

Disclaimer: Let me preference this to say that I am not affiliated in any way with the Lost Adventures and am merely long time consumer who has participated in some of the test printing for the various Kickstarters over the years. I am however a major fan of their products and have been given permission to post my print data and logs like I would other models coming off my printer. I am a big fan of their work and am merely writing this to express my excitement about the project and sharing that with my readers. Models shown below may not be their final form as they are actively in development based on testing feedback and the discretion of the Lost Adventures Co.

This Kickstarter is unique in that it is broken up into eight “Core Collections” of models all based on areas in or surrounding the GreenSea, a region featured in Lost Adventures Volume 2. A Core Collection could be purchased for $20 in this Kickstarter if you are merely interested in just one area. Therefore I am going to breakdown and organize my prints into their Collections as I have no idea how these will be bundled and sold in the future.

Blasted Isle

Fire Elemental

For the The Blasted Isle i’ve had the pleasure of printing just one of the Fire Elementals that are available in the Kickstarter. This sculpt is so much fun and incredibly easy to assemble.

Figure is on a 75 mm base and is roughly 5 1/2 inches tall.

Heart of the GreenSea

For the Heart of the Greensea I have had the pleasure of printing some adorable baby monsters and a Clay Golem. These were done on my Prusa Mk3s FDM printer as all miniatures are tested in both FDM and Resin. Periodically I’ll test in either as the need arises. FDM Print Profile and Support Settings.

I have also printed one of the swamp trees from this collection. I can honestly say i’ve never had a swamp tree in my rapidly growing list of terrain but now I want more and can’t wait to add draping vines to this gnarled tree.

Swamp Tree

Kobold Coalition

Below are the models that I tested and printed for the Kobold Coalition. While this is only a mere sampling of what is in store for the Kickstarter this sampling has some of the best character and storytelling i’ve ever had in a set of models.

I think my absolute favorite models so far are the Kobold collection! These kobolds are unlike any other kobolds on the market. I absolutely love the scale of these miniatures as they still represent small races but are not too small that they are a pain to paint such as my reaper kobolds (which I’ve never finished to this day). These come with so much storytelling that I’ve been seriously contemplating my first ever diorama to feature them. One key element about these Kobolds mirror the growing sentiment I commonly experience playing in 5th edition D&D which is humanizing monsters. These Kobolds are humanoids much like elves, dwarves, halflings etc. They have jobs, families, kings and entertainment. Is it right to just take a party into a dungeon and wipe them out completely?

Creating a town for these Kobolds for my players to explore will only further tug at their heartstrings as to what to do with these tiny creatures. Or perhaps Kobolds will start to become part of culture as minstrels, bartenders, town guards, etc. I see so many uses and varieties for them.

I also find it interesting that out of the now four Kickstarters done by the Lost Adventures Co, three have contained a different variety of Kobold. Is this a growing trend? Is the race of Kobolds going to continuously grow in variety each Kickstarter? I really hope they do because I’m absolutely loving their unique nature. Example: Fey Dhok Kobolds from Lost Adventures Volume 2, which appears to have more coming in the Heart of the GreenSea models!

While testing these models I’ve printed the set in both resin on a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k as well as my FDM Prusa mk3s. Feel free to check out my FDM print and support settings.

T-Rex with Howdah

If you are going to make a splash with a massive storytelling model why not capture the king of dinosaurs and use it as your personal mount? The Trex with Howdah not only has inspired my imagination but is also one of the absolute best keyed model i’ve ever assembled. You can tell the Lost Adventures Co is only getting better and better and delivering fantastic models to your tabletop.

To be absolutely honest i’m terrified of being able to paint this model and do it justice.

Also one great thing is that you can choose if you want this T-rex with horns or without Horns as it currently comes with two variant heads.


Now we have kobolds in barrels for protection why not also include their own personalized siege. The Trash Guard has come prepared. Why not sling kobolds from a Catapult? This model is so much fun as I imagine the Kobolds in Barrels hiding as they fling themselves over the ramparts of a castle to invade it. Or perhaps it is merely a form of cultured enjoyment like a Ferris Wheel? No matter what I’ve really enjoyed printing and assembling this model.


Town of GreyMill

Halfling Gardner Danwise

In this collection i’ve only FDM test printed one of the laborers which unlocked as a $160K stretchgoal. This halfling character is a lot of fun and super easy to print.

Moonlit Mountains

Last but not least I had the chance to print a bit of the Moonlit Mountains. This icy terrain looks absolutely incredible and am really excited to paint up the pine trees I tested printed for my upcoming Frostgrave board i’m planning.

Also did I mention that there is an arctic owlbear!?!?! Although we haven’t quite talked about this yet on the site Owlbears are my all time favorite Dungeons and Dragons monster. I have been excited about arctic owlbears ever since I read the “Ecology of the Owlbear” article in Dragon Magazine from 1995. So happy they have become a thing again with and the Icewind Dale campaign brought them into 5th edition however I have yet to own a model. Now I do!


Even though I have had only a small taste of the Uncharted Lands Kickstarter currently live I am really excited about what I am seeing. Of the past Kickstarters to date, Lost Adventures Volume 1 has been my favorite as a catch all of anything id need on my game table. However this one might surpass as a favorite due to its wide diversity of different terrains and file types. I am not someone who would normally back a campaign over just a small biome like underwater, frozen, desert, etc. This is because I have so little campaign or content in those types of regions. But as a bundle of a variety of biomes I can’t miss this.

If you want to see more of the various test prints from this Kickstarter check the imgur links on the Kickstarter page to see what the other testers have been able to produce.

Can’t wait to see what else is in store and I’ll be sure to update my print data as I can.

Is there anything you are really excited about? Do you have a favorite print? Let me know in the comments down below.

As always Happy Crafting,

Carrie aka Crazmadsci

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