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Cottage Miscellaneous & Props – Assembly

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Assembly: First Story, Second Story, Third Story, Miscellaneous



Assembly of the Miscellaneous and Props for this building are so straightforward I debating even creating a page for it. The only additional modifications added to the building based on printed files are windows for the 2nd story walls. I simply glued them into place with little to no issue.

If you wish you can also add bricks throughout the walls of the building as they appear to be a consistent addition to the various buildings of the Kingdom of Thamarya set.

Post Process of Cottage

Although adding the windows was relatively easy for the Cottage’s I printed from this kickstarter. I have spent a significant amount of time in the Post Processing and clean up for the building itself. Make sure to check out my Status update and Post Process write up on the subject.

Overview of steps taken before Priming:

Also I will talk about the accidental sun warping while priming these pieces and what I did to save the prints.

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