Ever look back and forget what you did in a specific span of time? Well me too. So here I log the projects, paint & print jobs along with summary of January 2022 for tabletop gaming, 3D printing and miniature painting.

Monthly Summary

The month of January has been an absolute blur and already I have started to forget everything that I’ve accomplished this last month. Below I have setup for the first time a summary of posts, activities and projects that I did over the course of the month.

I love keeping track of what I do each day and breaking it down graphically of what aspect of my hobby i’ve worked on also tells me a lot about the area of focus I’ve had.

State of the Crazy’s

Here are my weekly updates throughout the month of January.

  • Dried yellow paint from a brand new P3 paint pot

    State of the Crazy: January 21, 2022

  • View of my hobby space and desk as of the time of writing this article

    State of the Crazy: January 14, 2022

  • sprues of the Snotling Bloodbowl team and box art.

    State of the Crazy: January 7, 2022


Total Painted miniatures: 1
Total Started miniatures: 2

In the month of January I started my 2021 Benchmark model of which you can read the post below on the final paint job. I also started painting my 2022 Benchmark model but did not finish in this month, which is a Frost Giant from CastnPlay. If you are curious as to what a benchmark model is check out: Benchmark 2021.


In the month of January I purchased a second Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K and been consumed with testing to make sure it did not have the same issues that the past one had. All seems to be going well so next up is planning and painting things!


What else have I written in the month of January 2022? Check out down below.

  • 2023 New Year, New Ambitions?

Goals for February

For the month of February I plan on finishing my Benchmark model for 2022 and painting my team of snotlings for Bloodbowl. In terms of printing I am currently do presupport work and printing for 3D printed related content for the blog and educational guides. Stay tuned to see what happens next month!