My name is Crazmadsci, I go by Craz, Craze, Crazy or just plain Carrie. I am currently a Stay at Home Mom to my incredible son born in December of 2019. I have been playing tabletop games for 10 years and have been 3d printing for over 3.

Why I started Crazy’s Musings

I decided to create this blog as a depository for the collection of knowledge I have gained and the experiences I have had 3d printing and tabletop. I understand there are a million and one websites, YouTube series, guides and more on the subject but not as many that focus exclusively on 3d printing for tabletop gaming in an in-depth and follow able way. Printing miniatures and terrain takes a significantly different mentality than prototyping parts for manufacturing or large hobby pieces which much of the resources out there cover.

I am hoping to not just capture and catalog my doings and happenings but write in depth write ups or provide a spring board to other places, vendors, and resources to make your 3d printing experience memorable and successful.

Let me know if you would like to see something in particular tested. I promise to do my best to put it on the list but as you will soon learn reading my posts. I always have a million projects and experiments on my mind.

More About me and My Background

I was a Chemist in college and learned how to use science in fun and unusual ways. Although I spent several years in undergraduate research I did not go into the field of chemistry but never stopped being a scientist. My first introduction to 3d printing was in a laboratory where I worked on “Non-Voltage ElectroSpinning” as a cancer researcher. I was familiar with the hobby and a broad understanding of the concepts it involved.

Once I graduated I accidentally stumbled into content creation for video games and from 2014- Summer 2016 was a twitch streamer. Using my analytical mentality I mathematically proved how combat worked and explained it to people so they could play how they want to play.

Seeing my work as a streamer I was picked up to work briefly on the Elder Scrolls Online with Zenimax Online Studios as an associate gameplay designer. I was focused on the combat aspect of the game and absolutely loved my experiences there and realized that game development and design was where my heart is.

I then moved due to conflicting job locations with my family and became a digital access librarian for a public state university until my beautiful son was born.

As you can see I have an obvious trend in loving data, sharing my knowledge, loving documentation, and seeking a deeper understanding. I feel like you can’t live life without pushing yourself to your best potential.

Thus, I am a crazy mad scientist trying to make everything about my life an adventure and experiment. Thank you for sharing it with me.