Current Painting Projects

Check out my current work in progress pictures on Instagram

Kruelboyz Army

I started an entire army for Age of Sigmar back in 2022 from the Orruk Warclans, the Kruelboyz. It has been a massive undertaking and one day I’ll get it done. Progress pictures to come.

2022 Bench Mark Model

2022 Benchmark model take 2! It has only taken a year and a half but the bench mark model for last year is underway!

Latest Project Spotlight

A fun and whimiscal version of HaggleThorn Hollow’s Guildhall. Printed for one of my favorite people, Fiver of Sugar Candy miniatures.

The next major marathon print project. I am working on a 3d printed gaming table topper. Stay tuned for more information on this by Stagetop