Latest Painting Projects

Frost Giant Final Photo Black backdrop

2022 Benchmark Model

Every year I paint a model in attempt to push myself in miniature painting in some way. Check out this years benchmark and my desired areas of growth for miniature painting in 2022.

2021 Benchmark Model Dwarf final paint job

How to Gauge Growth in Miniature Painting

Last January 2021 I set out to test to see if I could see personal growth in my hobby. I painted a benchmark miniature figure so that I may judge my improvement over the course of one calendar year. This benchmark was at that time the very best I could do in painting a miniature. I set no time limit and poured myself into it. The primary goal was to test if I could see a before and after of how far I developed as a miniature painter. 

Latest Project Spotlight

Hill Giant Tyrant: Ogi Skullcrusher

Recently finished painting this Hill Giant from Lost Adventures Co. I decided that this was the perfect model to practice and dive more deeply into how to paint skintones and even experiment a bit with contrast paints.

Frostgave Post Series

The quest for an epic gaming weekend full of terrain, miniatures and fun. Follow along in my crazy project and learn more about the game!

Wood Color Palette on 1 inch round tavern bases

Wood Painting

Now let us face the looming question. How do I make all the things with wood in my collection not look the same? I am aspiring to diversify my collection and wheel house of choices as well as skill.

Herein lies my personal evolution and research for painting better wood textures, builds, trees etc.

Part 1: The Questions, Inspiration and Self Reflection

Part 2: Improving your Color Palette