These are the current projects I am working towards completion.

Actively Painting

Blacksmith: Kingdom of Thamarya

Actively Printing:

Fantasy Props

Kickstarter by STL Miniatures aka Rafael Moreno Dominguez.
Goal is to print all models in kickstarter (completed). Write ups for each set in progress.

Kingdom of Thamarya

Fantasy Building Kickstarter. Progress began January 2021. Attempting to print all models

Lost Adventures Vol 2

Kickstarter by Lost Adventures Co and the 3DPrintingDM, Danny. Progress began December 2020.

Printable scenery Castle

In progress shot of Printable Scenery Castle as of January 2021

Hold My Dwarf

Hold My Dwarf Kickstarter
Image credit render to MiniaturesofMadness from MyMiniFactory.

Monstrous Encounters

Monstrous Encounters Kickstarter by Dungeonworks.
Image credit render kickstarter Monstrous Encounters

2021 Goals For the Year

HexHog Table

Lost Adventures Vol 1

Support & Print All models from this kickstarter

Lost Dragons