To keep track of all the projects, pieces, bits, terrain, in my collection. I am in the process of building a collection catalog of all my stuff. This will serve as a tool for my personal knowledge but also be a depository for others to find inspiration and projects done in the past, present and intended future.

Please stay patient with me as I slowly add more and more content to this page. A Hobby Goal of 2021 is to include the complete cataloging of my collection.

Major Categories


Miniatures will include ALL miniature figures in my collection including 3d printed and purchased. Most are still a “sea of grey” but hopefully that will change in the future.

Miniature Index A-Z


Almost self explanatory. All buildings including ruins.


Base purchased or printed and their different methods of creation. This is a cross category of painting.

Scatter Terrain

Scatter Terrain includes but that would be added to builds. This can be tables, barrels, tents, braziers and much much more.


Printable pieces that can be added to larger objects to add complexity. The area of the site for those foam crafters who want to only print out fine details.

Bits & Gubbins

Pieces used for extra details in builds, conversions and basing.


Terrain i’m including pieces that would make up a battle map such as rocky outcroppings, ruin pillars, trees, docks and more.

Dungeon Tiles

The world of using tiles to recreate maps for your tabletop game.

Accessories & Props

Addition pieces used to amplify the tabletop gaming experience. Includes measurement tools, board game recreations, dice trays, Dungeon master tools etc.

Collection Chronologically

2021 Chronological Projects

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  • February
  • March

Favorite Pieces

Sculptors & Creators

Sculptor & Creator Index


Have ideas on other ways to organize the collection do not hesitate to offer up ideas. Always looking for methods of improvement.