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Assembly: Base, Floor, Walls, Roof, Props & Misc

Base Assembly

Assembly for the base was significantly straight forward and one of the easiest things to do overall for the entire build. Major props and praise goes to the sculpting team to put the number and letter on the pieces for easy assembly. Each joining section also either had a male or female peg for easy joining and fit incredibly easily throughout the entire model.

Pieces for this assembly were glued using super glued. In some instance due to my impatience I used an accelerator to help the pieces glue faster. I did not feel like it was necessary to glue all seams for this piece and merely the attaching faces. Extra adhesion and strength for the bottom was added when I used milliput to attempt to hide the seams more before priming. I did also use a little bit of milliput on the underside of a few rocks to help with some overhang issues while printing.

Fishers Hut base with milliput to help with seam hiding before priming