Fishers Hut Home
Print Logs: Base, Floor, Walls, Roof, Props & Misc
Assembly: Base, Floor, Walls, Roof, Props & Misc


  1. Roof assembly went by pretty easily. In this construction I assembled pieces across from each other first and then added them together. Therefore Roof B matched Roof D and Roof A matches Roof C. Shown Below. These pieces fit together really easily with the male/female pegs.

2. Once those sections are glued together I connected the two halves into one solid piece.

3. Now to add the smaller bits to the roof. The first piece I added was the hook for the sign in the front of the building. Or FH_Roof_E, this also fits easily with a male/female peg.

4. After that I went and added the TopDoor piece that goes above the Wall_B piece. This piece did not fit well at all and so I glued it to the roof frame and then took cutters and my knife to trim down the piece until the roof sat flush with the wall again. Piece discussed highlighted in red.

The area that required cutting for me I have also show here as well as the underside of what it looked like post cutting.

5. At this point I was overall happy with the build but not necessarily happy with the texture of the underside of the roof. As a perfectionist I wanted to close gaps and clean up as much as I could. Even though most people will never look on the underside of the roof I added milliput and sculpted out the roof shingle underside, the holes from the Top Door that I cut and tried to smooth out the seam of the top beam. I also added a little bit of milliput to the outside of the house roof to attempt to hide the seam of the roof.

6. After doing all that I added the window piece under Roof E

After this step I stopped and was ready for priming. I decided to not add any of the other miscellaneous pieces and props until after the building was painted more and provide for ease of painting. Assembly of rest of building to come!