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Assembly of the walls was moderately difficult for me overall and required the most modification and adaption. Below is all the steps included in my workaround. However the first section of assembly was straight forward as I assembled the pieces clockwise from Wall_A. Therefore moving from Wall_A -> Wall_E -> Wall_D -> Wall_C -> Wall_B. This can be seen in the slide show below.

However upon assembly I noticed that the walls were not sitting flush against the print floor. This was due to lowering the wall height by 1mm for all prints in order to get a solid layer of adhesion, resulting in the male pegs of the floor being larger than the female pegs of the wall pieces. In order to fix this I cut off the male pegs of the floors and inserted dowel rods into the holes and cut to size to better accommodate my unique printed issues.

Image showing homemade male pegs for wall section to secure walls. This issue is a result of lowering wall pieces for ease of printing.
The change in gap for wall piece fit upon making homemade male pegs.

Another issue I encountered while assembly was that FH_Wall_B the door piece did not have enough height to fit snugly in its section of the floor and caused the walls to also not fit flush against the printed floor sections. As a result I did shave/cut a large portion of the bottom of the door in order to ensure a better fit of the walls to floor.

Image of underside of door to show cuts and shavings to get door to fit more flush with floor sections.