Fishers Hut Home
Print Logs: Base, Floor, Walls, Roof, Props & Misc
Assembly: Base, Floor, Walls, Roof, Props & Misc

Phase 4, printing the roof pieces for this project was not that bad. The biggest trick for printing these out was using normal supports instead of tree supports. The largest difficulty in printing this is the whimsical shape of the roof resulted in printing overhangs more difficult than usual (support settings are shown below). I normally take pride in my overhangs but these roof pieces definitely did not result in the smoothest texture. Since the roof shape was one of the largest selling points for me i’ll take it.

Even without all the extra bits that go on it. Look at how much fun this roof is!

Print Data

Printer: Prusa mk3s
Filament: ESun PLA+ Grey
Layer Height: 0.1 mm

For ALL FDM print profile settings used in this print build. Here is the Google Doc which lists them all.

Printer: Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K
Resin: Anycubic Grey
Layer Height: 0.05 mm

Time to Print all components: 1day 15 hr 7 min
Filament to Print: 177.99 g Filament and 2.7 g Resin (FH_Roof_Fish printed in resin)
Estimated Cost to Print: $3.70

Support Settings

I ended up using normal supports in a zig zag pattern instead of tree supports because I ended up with a higher density of support underneath my roof as opposed to trees. This is shown in the image below. As a result my overhang and bridge printing looked better using the zig zag than the tree of which I did a little bit of experimentation. This also improved adhesion for the roof itself in its starting layers as well.

Slideshow Example of a few Roof Pieces with supports: