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Fishers Hut Home
Print Logs: Base, Floor, Walls, Roof, Props & Misc
Assembly: Base, Floor, Walls, Roof, Props & Misc

Phase 3, Printing the walls were above and beyond the most difficult for me to print and caused the largest issue for assembly. The reason for this issue is that the walls did not have a smooth bottom layer to print. As a work around, I lowered the print by 1mm for all pieces in order to have a solid adhesion layer for the bottom of the print. This was true for all wall sections of the print including wall B (The door piece). Image of first layer previews of wall pieces are shown below to depict issue.

All wall pieces were printed using Tree supports in order to reach around the part and print to hold up the window sections better for improved bridging & overhangs. All support settings are shown below in the print data section.

Print Data

For ALL FDM print profile settings used in this print build. Here is the Google Doc which lists them all.

Printer: Prusa mk3s
Filament: ESun PLA+ Grey
Layer Height: 0.1 mm
Time to Print all components: 1day 1 hr 28 min
Filament to Print: 131.55 g
Estimated Cost to Print: $2.63

Support Settings

Slideshow of wall pieces with supports:

Print Issues

Although I do think this issue is only going to be temporary as the Fisher’s Hut currently actively in development as we speak (1/31/2021) this issue plays a key factor in assembly for my build. Below you can see the first layer previews of wall major wall sections A, C, D and E. Wall B which is the door did not have the same issues. By lowering all these pieces by 1mm into the build plate I was capable of having a solid first layer. This resulted in more complication for assembly which is discussed in the Fishers Hut Wall Assembly Write up. Fishers Hut Wall B was still lowered 1 mm but allowed to “float” and was merely supported due to the an elevated threshold wood section on the interior floor pieces.