Andrew Biernier is a freelance 3D character artist. Not much is known about this sculptor but it appears to have experience with art in both the miniature community as well as video games.

Contact Information

Art Station: Andrew Biernier
Twitter: Andrew Biernier

Personal Review

Due to Andrew being a freelance sculptor little is known as to their pricing, availability and other projects. Other than their art style and personal preference for their unique aesthetic little is known. All models listed as known sculpted are mentioned by hiring company and not artist themselves.

Miniatures in Collection

Lost Adventures Vol 2 Kickstarter:

Heartwood Wardens Storytelling Pose: Lost Adventures Vol 2

Something Missing?

Have a review, insight or knowledge of more models made by Andrew? Feel free to reach out to help fill out information on this sculptor to help provide the most up to date information on the site!