You know that we really need a Dungeons and Dragons group running when out of the blue my husband (bolded) goes…

Lets D&D Battle!”

“Whats a D&D Battle?”

“We pick a team of monsters and fight off to the death”

Ok, ok. That really isn’t how it happened nor do I remember exactly how the event started but yet it did. My husband and I drafted each a team of monsters, built a battle map, and fought 3 times.

I got to pull out the dungeon tiles I worked on! Mental note was that I realized that I really need more dungeon floors printed, ahh another project put on the list. My collection of dungeon tiles are predominately city scapes (tavern and sewer) because last campaign I was building for the published Wizards of the Coast campaign “Waterdeep Dragonheist.” Alias I digress…

The rules were simple:

1. Our team of monsters had to have a combined Challenge Rating (CR) of equal to 5 or smaller.

2. We could at a maximum have 6 monsters on our team.

3. Stat blocks used have to be from published 5e Wizards of the Coast Materials.

We picked our teams…

For my team (left image): I picked a Bronze Dragon, Thug, Kenku, Gazer, Orc, and Apprentice Wizard

For husband’s team (right image): He picked 2 short sword Skeletons (using spears on minis), Two Skeleton Archers, a Priest, and a Gargoyle

I even worked on some Stat block cut outs to make it easier to play with so many monsters simultaneously. There goes another project. The papers worked great but i’m going to add them to notecards to be more durable and sortable in the future.

Here are some pictures of the event!

Overall we had a lot of fun. I got my butt kicked with only 1 win out of 3. Moral of the story my group really needed to stick together as they work more cohesively as a group. My husband is even more motivated to cheer me on to make more dungeon tiles so we can have more exciting battles in the future. Putting the tiles away has been a pain in the butt, but im working on a better organizational system! I also feel the need to learn Frostgrave or something to scratch the itch more for a dungeon group since it looks like i’m not going to have one anytime soon. At least it is more time to craft!

Things i’ve learned:

  • Gargoyles have a lot of health
  • I hate spiritual weapon
  • Gazers although cool don’t do a lot of damage
  • I really like thugs as enemies, especially with allies

Let me know what you guys think. I am happy to label or shout of the sources of any of the tiles or monsters. Have any ideas on things we can play as two people? Help me grow my game knowledge.

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