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Yet another addition to the Fantasy Props Kickstarter collection. These candle sticks are a perfect candidate for the conversation regarding, is there such thing as too much detail? These candle sticks although look great are incredibly tiny. While I do not think they will get use on my table due to literally being too light weight to not fall over during game play. Perhaps a future diorama could be of use. Also what a great experiment regarding the limitations of my ideal scatter terrain.

Like several others of this set, I attempted to print first on an FDM printer my Prusa mk3s and unhappy with the results moved to a resin printer. Overall for the tall candle holders I ended up printing each a total of 3 times and the short once twice. The tall candle holders commonly snapped when removing supports and I did not feel like it was sturdy enough to just glue back together.

Overall I calculated an estimated total print time of 8 hours and 35 minutes and a combined cost of $0.46, not bad for an experiment!

Print Issues/ Areas of Improvement

Print Data

Printer: Prusa mk3s
Filament: Hatchbox Silver PLA, Hatchbox Grey PLA (Treasure Small B)
Orientation: Bases against build plate
Layer Height: 0.08mm
Print Profile: Modified version of Fat Dragon games miniature figure profile
Total Time to Print: 5 hr 9 min
Total Material Used: 6.4 g Filament
Material Cost: $0.13 or 13 cents

Where to Find these Files

Currently the files for the Candle Holder files are currently not sold separately. These will be bundled with the entire Fantasy Props Kickstarter late backing. The sculpts and designs are now by the newly branded (November 2020) group on Patreon STL Miniatures.

STL Miniatures: Website
STL Miniatures: Patreon
Online Store: MyMiniFactory (only for past Patreon months currently)
Original Source of Files: 3D Printable Fantasy Props by Rafael Moreno Dominguez

Image render credit given to Fantasy Props Kickstarter Page.

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