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That feeling when you walk into a boss chamber and all of a sudden all the braziers around the room immediately light up! BAM. It sets the stage of the story and the mood of the entire final climax of the story. These Fire Pits are immediately what I imagine when those types of scenes play out. Both with a metal holder and a stone base these Fire Pits feel solid and will be a great place for me to learn how to paint fire. These firepits are also the perfect models to eventually practice printing in clear resin to create a LED model which would be amazing as a future project.

Overall these were incredibly straight forward to print with the of course exception of my learning… Under exposure. You can see in the print issues section that I did have a failure where the model wouldn’t print and/or barely succeeded by the skin of its teeth. As a result it took a few tries and a few tweaks of my settings but these guys came out just peachy.

I estimate a 3 hour and 12 minute print time for the set (doing the two together) with an approximated cost of $1.26 for the set. Which isn’t bad for something that would get some serious bang for your buck. I could easily imagine creating at least 4 of each for future dungeons.

Print Issues/ Areas of Improvement

Example of the model hanging by the skin of its teeth. I can’t believe this model came out. Increasing the exposure settings made these prints come out without any issue.

Print Data

Printer: Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K
Resin: Phrozen Aqua Grey 4K
Layer Height: 0.05 mm
Attempts: 3 (1 didn’t adhere to plate at all, 2nd shown in print issues above and 3rd successful). Successful print settings shown below.

Where to Find these Files

Currently the files for the FirePits are currently not sold separately. These will be bundled with the entire Fantasy Props Kickstarter late backing. The sculpts and designs are now by the newly branded (November 2020) group on Patreon STL Miniatures.

STL Miniatures: Website
STL Miniatures: Patreon
Online Store: MyMiniFactory (only for past Patreon months currently)
Original Source of Files: 3D Printable Fantasy Props by Rafael Moreno Dominguez

Image Render original source Fantasy Props Kickstarter Page

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