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To kick off the first print write up for the Fantasy Props kickstarter major project is one of the sets of models that first sold me the set. It sounds silly but I was in dire need of objective markers. As a person hoping to dive into the game tabletop skirmish game Frostgrave the objective markers are one of the key aspects of the game I did not have in my collection but needed in order to play. Not only did they have them they had the exact number of objective markers that I needed (6)! These without a doubt will be some of the first models i’ll paint.

In this print job I did test a single resin pre-supported files for the backpack model. Let’s just say that resin supports do not translate well to FDM. The reason why I used supports in my first test is because the underside of the objective markers are hollowed out instead of a solid base. This requires you to support the underside of the models or will result in a messy bottom due to bridging. I opted to not support these markers as I did not mind a messy underside but improving supports and doing more bridging calibration is definitely an area I can improve upon more. I printed these models before I started resin printing and was attempting to print as much of this project as I could on FDM. Regardless it will lead to an interesting discussion and comparison of FDM vs Resin which I have great photos to share later in the week.

Print Issues/ Areas of Improvement

The above issue displays the underside of the Backpack marker. Issue #1 shows how the edge of the base of the marker is rough from attempting to print using resin supports. You can see even using resin supports for FDM in attempt to avoid issue #2 the issue is still present. This shows that I should either A) Improve my supports for FDM/use supports or B) Calibrate better for Bridges/Overhangs. Issue #2 is visible for all markers as I did not support the models.

Take away for printer: Work on overhang/bridge calibrations and/or use supports for hollowed bases.
Take away suggestion for sculptor: Making the base of the marker solid will make these models more approachable for FDM print users.

The overhang issue mentioned sometimes below in the print data are very slight. This can easily be rectified using a file or small hobby knife. This is merely cosmetic and will hardly noticeable upon painting. Photograph is taken at 2x magnification just to be able to issue overhang.

Print Data

Printer: Prusa mk3s
Filament: Hatchbox Silver PLA
Orientation: Bases against build plate
Layer Height: 0.08 mm
Print Profile: Modified version of Fat Dragon games miniature figure profile
Total Material Used: 9.9 g Filament
Material Cost: 19.8 cents

Objective Marker Backpack is the one model I attempted to use the resin presupports. This model is pretty marked up from removing the supports (see image above) and there is some very very slight retraction between backpack and the hourglass but nothing that can clean up.
Overall this marker came out great. The only issue I spot is some overhang melt in the mouth of the skeleton head. This will come out just fine and clean up nicely.
Probably one of the best markers in the set. Came out really really well. Some very small melt on stem of bottle. Could potentially warrant slower printing or increased minimal print time per layer.
Printed well but has some overhang printing issues on the banding of the bottle.
Small overhang mess on underside of scroll where wrapped scroll ends.
Really simple base and came out well.

Where to Find these Files

Currently the files for the Objective Markers are not sold separately. These will be bundled with the entire Fantasy Props Kickstarter late backing. The sculpts and designs are now by the newly branded (November 2020) group on Patreon STL Miniatures.

STL Miniatures: Website
STL Miniatures: Patreon
Online Store: MyMiniFactory (only for past Patreon months currently)
Original Source of Files: 3D Printable Fantasy Props by Rafael Moreno Dominguez

Render image taken from the Fantasy Props Kickstarter Page

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