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What a neat and simple design. This little piece is so simple that it does not need much explanation. With sturdy book pedestal and book on top this model could go anywhere in your builds. An observatory, alchemist lab, floating in the middle of a summoning circle, the list could go on an on.

Overall I did not have any issues printing the model and the only issue spotted as breaking off a tiny bit of the cloth while removing supports. I may drill a small hole in the bottom and add a magnet for slightly more weight but this model is a great addition to anyone’s collection.

This took me 3 hours and 26 minutes to print in a group print with other things such as the Weapon Racks and Candle Holders with an estimated weight of 4.8g of just this piece which would have a cost of $0.21.

Print Issues/ Areas of Improvement

Print Data

Where to Find these Files

Currently the files for the Summoning Pedestal are currently not sold separately. These will be bundled with the entire Fantasy Props Kickstarter late backing. The sculpts and designs are now by the newly branded (November 2020) group on Patreon STL Miniatures.

STL Miniatures: Website
STL Miniatures: Patreon
Online Store: MyMiniFactory (only for past Patreon months currently)
Original Source of Files: 3D Printable Fantasy Props by Rafael Moreno Dominguez


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