Project Overview

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The Kingdom of Thamarya is a kickstarter by CastnPlay which ran October 13, 2020 til November 13, 2020 is a project i’ve really come to love. I have been waiting for a long time to buy into a set of 3D printable houses and have eyed the Winterdale collection from Printable Scenery for years. As a long time supporter of CastnPlay on patreon, I just love the artistic design style of their miniatures. Seeing this kickstarter go live I knew I had to be jump aboard.

This kickstarter has a whimsical nature to it and is significantly worth the value with miniatures, monsters, props and buildings to literally build a kingdom on your tabletop. I’ve always had a dream of building an entire city and through this project I believe I can achieve this dream.

Printing this collection has only just begun but I will document my progress here. Stay tuned and follow along. If you see something you are interested in, don’t hesitate to comment and I’ll bring it up in the queue and print faster!

Completed Projects

Print Logs

Bread Cart Core Bundle
WaterWell Core Bundle

In Progress Printing

Cottage (Pre-Supported)
Core Bundle
The Library (Pre-Supported)
Core Bundle
Mausoleum (Pre-Supported)
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Class Tokens (Pre-supported)
Core Bundle

General Store (Pre-supported)


Models in Print Queue

Below are renders of models found from the Kingdom of Thamarya kickstarter. It is my goal to completely print ALL models in this collection. To have an idea of what is in store the images are below. I have also included the current version of the model next to the name so you can know where they are in development timeline. I will update this page as kickstarter updates occur. Models are broken down by category and in groupings of released and not yet released.

Versioning Key

  • v.0.0 (beta0.0 before, renamed to v0.0) – The object is empty and models have not been uploaded to it (You’ll find a ‘placeholder’ object instead).
  • beta.0.1 – The model is cut and supports are in progress. The model is available to everyone but likely to change. Mainly looking for errors.
  • beta.0.2 – The model has been fixed and it’s being supported and tested internally and by print testers.
  • Pre-Supported – The model has been supported, tested, and is ready for everyone to enjoy. This is a final release.


Apothecary’s (Beta)
Manor House (Pre-Supported)
Small Castle (Pre-Supported)
Tavern (beta) Core Bundle
Peasants House (Pre-Supported)
Temple (Beta)
Wizards Tower (Pre-Supported)

Props & Miscellaneous

Potions Cart (Pre-Supported)
Kingdom Vegetation (Pre-Supported)
Flower Cart (Pre-Supported)
Kingdom Walls
Town Props (Pre-Supported)
Kingdom Street Floor Tiles (pre-supported)

Monsters and Miniatures

The Ent (Pre-Supported)
Core Bundle
King Rat (Pre-Supported)
Royal Family (Pre-Supported)
The Sewers Worm (Pre-Supported)
Core Bundle
Heros Vol 1 (pre-supported)
Dragon Tamer (Pre-Supported)
Four – Armed Demon (Pre-Supported)
Townsfolk (pre-supported)

Models Yet to Release

Five Headed Dragon (Work in Progress)

Where Can I get the Models?

Models from this kickstarter can be found on MyMiniFactory and consumers can purchase the core bundle for $35 or All In for $120. All models that come in the core set are listed as “Core Bundle”. You can also purchase the individual buildings are they are made and loaded onto MyMiniFactory. All models are made through CastnPlay which also has a great patreon. Check it out for miniatures & terrain each month! They also have a terrific podcast and make great videos on their Youtube.

Original Kickstarter Link: Kingdom of Thamarya
Myminifactory: Kingdom of Thamarya
CastnPlay Storefront: MyMiniFactory (Gumroad free model samples)
CastnPlay: Patreon
CastnPlay: Website
CastnPlay: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
CastnPlay: Youtube