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Project Main: Kingdom of Thamarya


Printing this Bread Cart makes me feel like the world is telling me something. I spent a ton of time printing and organizing bits and pieces from the Bakery Props from Fantasy Props Kickstarter. As a Dungeon master and player I do not think I’ve ever role played buying bread at a bakery. But now not only do I have a bakery store but also now have a traveling bakery cart. I am looking forward to painting this but genuinely am hoping to figure out the different colors for bread type difference.

This was an incredibly easy print with coming out in two pieces. My largest disappointment is the fact that I wish the bakery oven and bread box came separately. I feel like I would get more mileage if it came into more pieces and could be put into other types of terrain. However this is just the perfect example of why I need to improve my blender/meshmixer game and practice cutting parts apart.

Print Issues/ Areas of Improvement

Since the piece was almost predominantly printed as one, there is very little issue. I do have some scaring from support removal but all on the underside of the print itself.

Print Data

Printer: Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K
Resin: Elegoo ABS-Like Grey
Layer Height: 0.05 mm

Time to Print all components: 7 hr 16 min
Resin to Print: 37.6 g
Estimated Cost to Print: $1.54

Where to Find these Files

These files can be currently found on MyMiniFactory and are apart of the Kingdom of Thamarya Kickstarter. Special note if you are considering purchasing or are already Patreon subscriber make sure you use your 40% discount!

CastNPlay: Patreon
Kingdom of Thamarya: Late Pledge All-In $120.00
Individual Purchase: Bread Cart $5.00

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