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What an incredibly fun project! I have had so much fun working on this build . I started and finished printing January 2021, and finished painting Feburary 2021. For the full review and breakdown of my experiences for this Fishers Hut from the kickstarter “Kingdom of Thamarya” by CastnPlay check out my Fishers Hut Post.

TLDR: This has definitely been worth every moment and a blast.

I’ve printed using a mix of FDM for the main structure itself and Resin for the props and small miscellaneous bits. Overall I counted 58 unique pieces which took me 8 days and 45 minutes of continuous print time having an estimated material cost of $22.42.

The method of printing, support settings, pictures of every piece, time to print, and cost can found in the printing logs broken up by category. If you are looking for support help check the Walls (using tree supports) or Roof (normal zig zag supports) for all the settings used in Cura 4.8.

I’ve also broken down the assembly by category as well if you have questions on how I assembled and approached the process.

The Process

Concept Art

Fisher’s Hut render. Original Source Cast N Play files & MyMiniFactory website.

An image I constantly used as reference for both parts and assembly. The detail and breakdown of this render is definitely worth the shoutout as it goes above and beyond showing the detail and work involved in this model.

Printing Logs

Curious as to how the whole thing is put together? Check out guides below to see. Special shout out to the Wall & Roof sections which have ALL Support settings used for Cura 4.8.

For ALL FDM print profile settings used in this print build. Here is the Google Doc which lists them all.

Props & Misc


Curious as to how the whole thing is put together? Check out guide below to see.

Specific Guides


I finished painting this building! What a fun project. Check up the full thought process, along with in progress and final photographs here!

File Source

Created by Cast n Play
Source: Kingdom of Thamarya Kickstarter
The Fishers Hut can be purchased separately for $8.00 on MyMiniFactory.

KingDom of Thamarya

Follow along the work and print jobs of other Kingdom of Thamarya models.

Spot an issue?

Feel free to reach me if you spot an issue or have any further questions!