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Project Main: Kingdom of Thamarya


You know I currently do not have a need for a WaterWell, yet this waterwell is jam packed with character. I find myself curious as to what story it is trying to tell me. What does the sign say? Why are those vines SOO BIG? What a great model to build a mini story from. This is one thing I love about working through a kickstarter. Things like this are great to get those creative juices flowing.

This print is incredibly straight forward and comes in two pieces the top and bottom. I was able to print it entirely in one go on my buildplate.

Print Issues/ Areas of Improvement

I immediately noticed that the rope in the center of the well is longer than the sides. Due to this the model does not easily sit flush with the well. I will have to cut the rope to assemble it fully. However I intend to prime the top brown and the bottom gray so they are not glued together at this moment.

Print Data

Printer: Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K
Resin: Elegoo ABS-Like Grey
Layer Height: 0.05 mm

Time to Print all components: 7 hr 35 min
Resin to Print: 37.6 g
Estimated Cost to Print: $2.31

Where to Find these Files

These files can be currently found on MyMiniFactory and are apart of the Kingdom of Thamarya Kickstarter. Special note if you are considering purchasing or are already Patreon subscriber make sure you use your 40% discount!

CastNPlay: Patreon
Kingdom of Thamarya: Late Pledge All-In $120.00
Individual Purchase: Waterwell $5.00

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