Project Overview

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Lost Adventures Vol 2 is the Third Kickstarter run by Danny the 3D printing DM. What makes this project special and the last Kickstarters is that this is organized by a passionate consumer gone youtuber gone company. Since Danny is not a sculptor he brings together others to build up a curated collection of models to fit a theme. This is a great way to learn about other sculptors, find a style you like, and see the variety that is out there. In addition this Kickstarter comes with modules and encounters that use the terrain and models from the Kickstarter to immediately hit your table.

The theme for Lost Adventures Volume 2 is “Into the Greensea” contains models for an overgrown forest and the creatures and people found there with varying biomes.

This project is still in progress and my full review will be written upon project completion.

Completed Prints

In Progress Printing

These models are either printed and waiting work for the print logs & photographs or are actively being printed.

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Jungle and Temple Bases

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Fallen Trees Scatter

Models in Print Queue

Below are renders of models found from the Lost Adventures Kickstarter. It is my goal to completely print ALL models in this collection. To have an idea of what is in store the images are below. Models are broken down by category and in groupings of released and not yet released.

Monsters and Miniatures

Jungle Giantess Rootseer
Heartwood Wardens: Adventuring Poses
Forest Troll Soulspeakers
Ancient Green Guardian Dragon
River Kraken
Jungle Giant Juggernaut

Forest Toll Reavers
Ti-Khal Queen
Heartwood Tradefolk: Adventuring Poses
Heartwood Sages: Adventuring Poses
Undead Ti-Khal
Heartwood Treant

Props & Scatter Terrain

Jungle Trees
Heartwood Village: Interior Furniture Simple Set

Heartwood Village: Interior Furniture Fancy Set


Fairy House
Warden Watchtower
Sap ‘n Suds Inn

Fey Lodge
Everspring Temple
Bentbough Library

Models Yet to Release

Basing the list off models listed on the Kickstarter

Miniatures & Monsters
  • Core NPC Adventuring Poses
  • Heartwood Treant
  • River Kraken
  • Undying Ti-Khal
  • Forest Trolls Priestesses
  • Everspring Temple
  • Sap ‘N Suds Inn
  • Heartwood Library
Props & Scatter
  • Interior Furniture

Where Can I get the Models?

Models from this kickstarter can be found on MyMiniFactory and consumers can purchase the core bundle for $35 or All In for $120. All models that come in the core set are listed as “Core Bundle”. You can also purchase the individual buildings are they are made and loaded onto MyMiniFactory. All models are made through CastnPlay which also has a great patreon. Check it out for miniatures & terrain each month! They also have a terrific podcast and make great videos on their Youtube.

Original Kickstarter Link: Lost Adventures Vol 2
Website: The Lost Adventures Co.
3dPrintedTabletop: Youtube