Project Overview

Cover Image: Image Source from the Monstrous Encounters – Undead Rising Kickstarter

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Monstrous Encounters- Undead Rising is a Kickstarter I backed in 2019 but is near and dear to me. The Monstrous Encounters Team is a company I have been supporting almost since day 1 of my printing experiences. Game Decor aka Dungeon Works has been making dungeon tiles for years and makes my favorite tile style the infinity lock. I have been significantly late in printing up this Kickstarter and even receiving my files but the organization at Monstrous Encounters is absolutely incredible and has one of the best customer support teams in this hobby space!

What makes Monstrous Encounters – Undead Rising special? Well these models were designed to print supportless and extremely FDM printer friendly. At the time of the launch of this Kickstarter doing supportless models was still a relatively new concept and not many did so. Not only that is that this Kickstarter started the Monstrous Encounters branding leading to a monthly Patreon for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Figures. Many of these figures are incredible for proxies as well as others having a more classic/retro feel. I am hoping one day to print a complete set of Hero Quest characters from this group.

Completed Prints

Lost Souls
Skeleton Warriors 1
Skeleton Archers 1
Bone Golem

In Progress Printing

These models are either printed and waiting work for the print logs & photographs or are actively being printed.

Zombie Set 1
Skeletons Rising
Necrotic Slime
Death Knights
Zombie Set 2
Skeleton Warriors Set 2
Gelatinous Cube

Models in Print Queue

Monsters and Miniatures

Undead Heroes of the Realm
Soul Cluster
Skeleton Mage
Zombie Set 3
Bone Hill Giant
Flaming Skeleton

Where Can I get the Models?

Original Kickstarter Link: Monstrous Encounters – Undead Rising
Website: Game Decor
Preferred Webstore: MyMinifactory (has entire catalog of miniatures)
Patreon: Monstrous Encounters