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I do not know about you but I absolutely hate painting wooden textures in the tabletop space. In my mind almost every aspect of the hobby includes wood of some form. Miniatures have shields, perhaps wooden tavern bases, wooden helmets, bows, staffs, handles to weapons etc. Terrain can be trees, a fort, a barricade, tables & chairs to just name a few. Don’t even get me to start listing different buildings built out of wood. Everywhere I look I have to paint more wood onto objects. 

As a crafter I am now faced at a crossroads. Do I continue doing the same thing, paint, method and color? OR Do I attempt to grow my knowledge and skill? Obviously since I am starting a deep dive category regarding the subject I’ve obviously chosen road number 2.

Now let us face the looming question. How do I make all the things with wood in my collection not look the same? I am aspiring to diversify my collection and wheel house of choices as well as skill.

Herein lies my personal evolution and research for painting better wood textures, builds, trees etc.

Like all things in art and hobby there is no definite end or mastery but rather a continuous journey. So lets get to it.

Crazmadsci “Wood Painting Deep Dive: Part 1”

Series Write Ups

Part 1 The Questions, Inspiration and Self Reflection
Part 2 Improving your Color Palette

Wood Painting Color Palette

Current Color Swatches for wood painting in my collection dry brushed on either a white, grey or black primer undercoat. This includes model paint, contrast paint, and cheap acrylic hobby paint

Model Paint

Contrast Paint

Hobby Paint

The Questions

1) How can I paint different wood species to provide a larger variety color palette while still looking realistic?

2) What are the main wood types that I can use in the space and still not break the immersion of my tabletop? Primary focus in Fantasy or medieval time periods.

3) What are the various ways to add mold, decay, age, etc to wood grain?

4) What if the piece of terrain does not have a wooden texture. What mentality should I have while painting by hand? What are great ways to practice this?

5) How do I increase the variety of plant life on my tabletop based on season and biome? Almost all my trees end up being deciduous tree from a temperate climate.

6) Is there a “best” way to make trees? How many should I have? Considerations to have when playing on the table?

7) What about paint on wood? How do I paint color onto a wood finish and still keep the texture?

These are just a few of the numerous questions I have when painting wooden things for my tabletop. I am sure there are going to be plenty of others and not all will be answered in this short series but at least it will get my foot in the door, of things to look out for while I’m researching and painting.

Future Project Ideas

  • Trees:
    • Differences based on season
    • Differences based on biome
    • Color of Leaves
    • Types of Trees on the Market

What am I working on NOW?

My Instagram currently shows the most up to date work of what I am working on at night for my hobby streak.


HAVE A PROJECT IDEA or Spot an issue?

Feel free to reach me if you spot an issue or have a challenge or suggestions.

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