Christine Van Patten or Moonlight Minis is a miniature sculptor freelance artist who you might have seen their work throughout Reaper Bones and has collaborated with streamers such as HollyMonster and has come upon my radar to follow from the Lost Adventures Vol 2 Kickstarter. I have printed several of their models and love the style.

Overall I do not know much about Moonlight Minis but will do my best to keep an eye and ear out for them and update as I learn more.

Contact Information

Facebook: Moonlight Miniatures
Website: In Development
MyMiniFactory: users = moonlightminis
Art Station: Christine Van Patten

Miniatures in Collection

Lost Adventures Vol 2 Kickstarter:

Turtlefolk Druid (Heartwood Sage)
Heartwood Village Adventuring Poses (Wardens/ Sages)

Shambling Mound & Vine Blight

Known Work

Below models are self claimed via Moonlight minis’ facebook. I do not own any of these models.

  • Reaper Miniatures
    • Bones 5 (Brinewind Expansion Doxies, Brindwind Pirates, Satyr & Faun companion, etc)
    • Finn Greenwell Leorechaun
  • HollyMonster collaboration tiefling OC Monster and arctic fox.

Something Missing?

Have a review, insight or knowledge of more models made by Moonlight Minis? Feel free to reach out to help fill out information on this sculptor to help provide the most up to date information on the site!