Let me just preface this by saying Josh Black is probably one of my absolute favorite 3D freelance sculptors to date! He is also one of the ones that is hardest to find out more information about other than they are a Freelance 3d artist from the Philippines. As a freelance artist Joshua Black is most commonly hired with a collection of other sculptors for the creation of models of various Kickstarter projects. The largest two groups that I know of that hire Joshua Black are EC3D Designs and Lost Adventures Co. I will try to call out individual models known to be sculpted by Joshua Black as they are listed in the projects i’ve backed.

If people know of more models sculpted by Joshua Black please let me know! As he is probably one of the few I’d buy almost every model for.

Contact Information

Art Station: Axis213

Miniatures in Collection

Lost Adventures Vol 1 kickstarter:

Adult Green Guardian- Revaniss the Watcher

Lost Adventures Vol 2 Kickstarter:

Ettercaps and Matriarch: Lost Adventures Vol 2
Dire Quipper
Quipper Swarm

Something Missing?

Have a review, insight or knowledge of more models made by Josh Black? Feel free to reach out to help fill out information on this sculptor to help provide the most up to date information on the site!