Project Overview

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Lost Adventures Vol 1 is the Second Kickstarter run by Danny the 3D printing DM. What makes this project special and the last Kickstarters is that this is organized by a passionate consumer gone youtuber gone company. Since Danny is not a sculptor he brings together others to build up a curated collection of models to fit a theme. This is a great way to learn about other sculptors, find a style you like, and see the variety that is out there. In addition this Kickstarter comes with modules and encounters that use the terrain and models from the Kickstarter to immediately hit your table.

The theme for Lost Adventures Volume 1 is its “All in One 3D Printable Adventures”, meaning that if you are a dungeon master then story, terrain, monsters, and maps are all included in one easy purchase.

This project is still in progress and my full review will be written upon project completion.

Completed Prints

In Progress Printing

These models are either printed and waiting work for the print logs & photographs or are actively being printed.

Goblin Swordsmen
Giant Scorpions
Carnivorous Plant
Alchemist Desk
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is GoblinWarbandSquare_540x.jpg
Goblins Warband

Models in Print Queue

Below are renders of models found from the Lost Adventures Kickstarter. It is my goal to completely print ALL models in this collection. To have an idea of what is in store the images are below. Models are broken down by category and in groupings of released and not yet released.

Monsters and Miniatures

Lord of Liches
Eye Horror
Royal Guard Captain – Imani Kingsguard
Yeti Abomination – Gorvo the Howler
Cloud Giant Regent – Aiela Stormbringer
Frost Giant Champion – Aegar Skhald
Fire Giant Conqueror – Ignus Ashborn
Town Guards

Graveyard Golem
Goblin Archers
Royal Guards
Death Knight – Grazh’Kol the Doomguard
Strom Giant Seer – Ylva the Bastion
Hill Giant Tyrant – Ogi Skull Crusher
Commoners Pack 2
Heros Set 2
Commoners Pack 1

Scatter Terrain

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Banquet Set
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is CratesBarrelsSquare_540x.jpg
Crates and Barrels
Expedition Tents
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is StoneThronesSquare_540x.jpg
Stone Thrones
Jail Prison Floors
Fire Giant Forge
Treasure Chests
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is BedsTablesSquare_540x.jpg
Beds and Tables
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PillarsSquare_540x.jpg
Wood and Stone Pillars
Storage Room Scatter
Market Stall
Graveyard Set
Destroyed Wagon
Covered Wagon


Stone Bridge
Trees set of 5
Archways set of 4
Standing Stones
Scrying Pool
Gallows Square
Crystal Clusters
Cave Entrance
Ruined Walls
Shattered Pillars
Idol Shrine
Rock Outcroppings & stone Formations


Ruined Towers
City Gate
Jail Set
Tall Ruined Tower
Goblin Hut


Owlbear Claw Prop
Amulet of Ti-Coseth
Tablet of Transformation
Ornate Smiths Tongs Prop
Headdress of Ti-Coseth
Feather of Cyralix Prop
Mask of Desecration
Dragon Scale
Potion Prop Set 1

Coin Set
Bell o’ Trolls
Ring Prop Set
Rusted Key & Key Ring Prop
Diadem of Charisma
Wand of the Spider Form Prop
Pipes of the Sewers
Potion Prop Set 2
Dwarven Tankard


Encounter: Abandoned Inn and Tower
Ruined Marketplace
Ruined Fortress
Desert Oasis
Tropical Village
Multilevel Clocktower
Shipwrecked Beach Cave
Cultist Sanctuary
Standing Stones Grove
Water Filled Temple
Overgrown Expedition Camp
Enchanted Hedge Maze
Goblin Settlement
Mountain Pass Hideout
Town Stage and Gallows
City Gate and Ruins Map Pack

Alchemist Shop and Basement
Sunken Graveyard
Fire Giant Lair
Cloud Giant Gambling Hall
Mystical Pool
Village Graveyard
Blighted Sanctum
Web-Filled Cavern
Frost Giant Fort
Highway Ambush
Cave Hideout
Ancient Crypt
Crystal Mines
Waterfall Grotto
Town Square Market Map Pack

Wall Papers

Verdant Queen
Adventuring Party

Where Can I get the Models?

Models from this kickstarter can be found at the Lost Adventures Co website. You can either purchase the Late Pledge for $80.00 (current listing) or buy just the individual sets seen above. All individual sets have links to the product page of each grouping of models to buy individually.

Original Kickstarter Link: Lost Adventures Vol 1
Website: The Lost Adventures Co.
3dPrintedTabletop: Youtube