Starting a new hobby or project is always exciting and scary simultaneously. There is always the thrill of the unknown, excitement of what is around the corner. Starting a hobby all over again after you took a break from it has all the excitement of a fresh start matched with the “OMG what have i done?”

I began 3d printing for tabletop gaming in the summer of 2018 using public community printers at a university I worked out. Since that time i fell in love with and bought a Prusa i3 mk3s running it almost nonstop until Spring of 2019 of which I abruptly stopped. All of my stuff was neatly packed away waiting for that desire to craft to come back.

That deep drive to create incredible and mind blowing things for tabletop gaming is back with a vengeance. However much of my depth of knowledge, progress of projects, and collection of documentation is lost to the wind. I have to not only start again but also figure out where I left off. I hope that it is like riding a bike.

With that I have decided to start brand new! I have decided to write a collection of my experiences, things that I’ve learned, common mistakes, battle maps and so much more. Perhaps sharing to the ether will foster a community to provide inspiration and feedback. Perhaps I shall just talk to the ether alone. Who knows but it should be fun.

Why am I doing this?

Since it is 2020, the year as not been so great for many people including myself. I have dreamed of doing something like this for a long time now but never got the courage to do so. Everyone needs to find gratitude in their daily life and feel accomplished. I believe breaking my crafting into consumable chunks will bring me a sense of accomplishment and joy to overcome any negativity happening in the world today.

How am I doing this?

So much of the information I am looking for, knowledge, resources, files etc is scattered all over the place and I like putting it all together in once place. I am going to attempt to break things into sections such as Terrain, Miniatures, 3d printing, Troubleshooting etc. Each post will be tagged and sorted as such. Further features will be flushed out as the need arises.

Be apart of the story!

Comment, challenge me, reach out. I want to share ideas, grow in knowledge and skill. Lets build community together!

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