The weekly summary posts are way more to myself to track what i’m working on and accomplished over the course of the last week. I will try to post these every Friday moving forward.

My weekly goals include.

  1. 3d Print at least 1 thing
  2. paint at least 1 miniature
  3. paint at least 1 piece of terrain

All of the above will get a blog post highlighting each goal.

Projects in Action

3d printed:

  • Began printing Fat Dragon Game Miniatures from the “Dragonlock” 3d Printed Miniatures June 2019
    • 4 skeletons
    • 5 goblins
  • Standard 1″ round bases x 20 count
  • 1″ round bases variety pack


  • Painted Heroforge Kenku archer figure
  • Painted round bases black
  • Figure out where I was on project of Hero Hoards “Modular Shelves & Library study decor


  • Organized over 350 GB of digital files to be easier to find and do an inventory of files.
  • Started the process to test stripping paint off miniature
  • Re-based several Reaper Bone miniatures
  • Started to organize miniatures
  • Figure out the miniature tray project and where we left off.

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