The last week was not nearly as productive as I wished it was. Life definitely took over and the weather was not favorable for priming. 5 out of 7 days it rained preventing priming my terrain.

My weekly goals include.

  1. 3d Print at least 1 thing
  2. paint at least 1 miniature
  3. paint at least 1 piece of terrain

All of the above will get a blog post highlighting each goal. <- I did not accomplish this goal.

Projects in Action

3d printed:

  • Continued Fat Dragon Game Miniatures from the “Dragonlock” 3d Printed Miniatures (see below for scratched off sections of the project)
  • Calibration cube


I really dropped the ball on this category this week. Need to get better


  • In depth calibration of 3d printer.
  1. Cold Pull of filament to clean it out
  2. Deep clean of PEI coated Prusa Print Sheet (which was terrifying because nothing stuck to it for a few days)
  3. Lubricated rods on printer
  4. Flashed Firmware update of Prsua printer
  5. Checked Belt Tension
  6. Calibration Cube

Dragonlock miniature project:

  • Goblins 1
  • Goblins 2
  • Turdle Adventurers
  • Oxidation Beast
  • Angry Ball of Eyes
  • Skeletons 2
  • Skeletons 3
  • Orc Warriors set 1
  • tentacles
  • Trash Beast
  • Lizardfolk Warriors Set 1
  • Lizardfolk Warriors Set 2
  • Dragon
  • Dead orc
  • Cube O Snot
  • Goblinoid Warriors
  • Orc Set 2
  • Snake Warriors Set 1
  • Giant Spider Rearing & Swarm
  • Minotaur Warrior 1
  • Owlbears
  • Skeletons set 4
  • Goblins set 3
  • Roper
  • Giant Rats and Rat Swarm
  • Giant Worm
  • Giant Slug
  • Octopus Warrior
  • Dragon Eggs
  • Minotaur Warriors
  • Hill Giant
  • Ogre Warband
  • Mushroomfolk
  • Kobold Warriors

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