The miniature I painted last week was a Heroforge miniature of a Kenku. Previously i needed Kenku bandits for a D&D campaign but miniatures of the more rare races are harder to find. So therefore I designed this miniatures from Heroforge which is a great place to go to mess with a custom model to export an STL or order a printed miniature if you wish.

This miniature was printed on a FormLab2 SLA printer from my previous job. The mini was printed face down which really messed up the front of the miniature making it hard to clean up and paint.

The focus of this paint job was to attempt to have more layers on my mini, In particular the cape which is one of the only sections of the mini i’m really proud of.

For this paint job the mini was can spray primed Gray (visible color on the base)

I realized I own only 3 real variants of blue paint and decided to predominately work with Game Color’s Stormy Blue. Mixing with various rations Black & White paint to create more layers. Overall I attempted to have 5 layers. I believe I could have used more contract overall “Lighter Light and Darker Dark” on the cape itself.

I also realized i’m not as much of a fan of the Bloodstone P3 paint as it really stood out on the bow itself and bracers. I should layered it more or mixed it to make a more subtle color difference.

Overall Colors I can remember are:
Stormy Blue (Game Color)
Black (Game Color)
Hammerfell Khaki (P3)
Iron Gray Hull (P3)
Battlefield Brown (P3)
BloodStone (p3)
Dead White (Game Color)
Hexed Lichen (Game Color)
Heavy Violet (Game Color)
Trollblood Base (P3)
Sepia (Game Color) Ink

In the future I should work on more variation. Better layering and without a doubt better journaling of what I did. Trying to keep in the lines more also for the front of the body.

Inspiration for the paint job was after the artistic drawing of SilasEgress found on Deviant art of “Rattle” the Kenku shown below along with my attempted layers for the cap.

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