This category i’m really excited to share. I have yet to have real snake warriors or in Wizards of the Coast lore Yuan-Ti. When it comes to lore of snake like or reptilian creatures in D&D and other such games. I see and experience them rarely. I think this would be a great time to research them more before I print them.

I really love that there are 3 weapon varieties the bow, sword & shield and standard spear. On the spear and sword minis I really love the emblem on their chests which really tie these models together. The print quality of their scales on their backs is crisp and incredible. My only real complaint is that the bases for these models are non standard large minis with bases larger than 25mm but smaller than 50mm.

Snake Miniature Print Data

Layer Height: 0.08
Majority of time used 6mm brim with no supports (Poor Goblin 3 with Axe).
Printed On Prusa i3 MK3s
Print Profile: Cura 4.6 “Offical_FDG_Cura_ender3_and5miniatures_4mm” from The FatDragonGames website
Orientation: Flat on the print bed.

File NamePrint TimeEstimated Material UsedMisc Notes
Snakewarrior_01_bow3h5m6.8gSome retraction from bow leading towards body.
Snakewarrior_02_Spear2h51m6.3gOverall really clean print.
Snakewarrior_03_Sword2h52m6.4gRetraction from sword leading towards body. Already broke and had to glue.

Where to Find STLs

Dragonlock Miniature store via DrivethroughRPG. Vendor images are frome Fat Dragon Game Website.

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