Great Dragon & Eggs Dragonlock Miniatures

This dragon is massive and has a base of 5 inches in diameter (12.7 centimeters) estimated a 10 inch total wingspan (25.4 centimers) and length of close around 11 inches (27.94 centimeters). As the featured piece for the Dragonlock Miniatures Kickstarter I thought it would be only fitting for using this print project as the finale of my individual posts. As of this post I have officially completed and printed every model from the Fat Dragon Games/ Dragonlock Miniatures Kickstarter, i'm so pumped.

Octopus Warrior Dragonlock Miniatures

Octopus Miniature Print DataThese are another one of my favorite models from the Fat Dragon Game collection. These octopus have character and i'm impressed with how well the tentacles wrap around the weapons like they were printed together. Overall these are fun and unique models. Having never played in an aquatic setting for my Dungeons … Continue reading Octopus Warrior Dragonlock Miniatures