Trash Beast Miniature Print Data

The Trash Beast is above and beyond the most difficult miniature to print. I do not know what it was about one of its tentacles but I would always fail. I believe I attempted the piece above its eye approximately 4 to 5 times before I had good enough adhesion, didn’t run out of filament or some other strange reason I couldn’t track down. Finally a big enough brim, better adhesion, as well as a new nozzle finally game me the success I need.
For the trash beast itself also commonly known as an Otyugh in Dungeon and Dragons is another creature that has existed in all 5 editions of dungeons and dragons and yet I have never encountered the. This is a shame of course because these intelligent creatures can even speak in common. Perhaps one day my band of adventurers will encounter this beast.
As for the print quality the print itself looks good, some retraction improvement along the tentacles and very obvious “mold lines” on the model where the pieces reattached. The one benefit of this model is how easily it was to attach the pieces to glue this guy together. Perhaps I shall use this model to try to improve my sculpting skills?

Layer Height: 0.08
Filament: Hatchbox PLA Silver
Printed On Prusa i3 MK3s
Print Profile: Cura 4.6 “Offical_FDG_Cura_ender3_and5miniatures_4mm” from The FatDragonGames website

File NamePrint TimeEstimated Material UsedMisc Notes
TrashBeast_A11hr32.6gMain body printed well, really love how the tongue and bottom teeth came out.
TrashBeast_B30 min1.1gThe tentacle to the side of the model came out well with an obvious seam along the joint of where it attaches. Overall it was easy to join and glue.
TrashBeast_C1:58:005.2gThis piece was the most difficult piece to print in the entire collection of Dragonlock miniatures so far. I do not know why it was so difficult but I finally got it done and attached.

Where to Find STLs

Dragonlock Miniature store via DrivethroughRPG. Vendor images are from Fat Dragon Game Website.

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