It has been quite a long time since I wrote my last update for the website. 2020 was one hell of a year and I’m ready and excited to be into 2021. Towards the end of the year things became hectic as I finished a work contract and found out we were expecting another kiddo in June!

I have set some lofty goals for 2021 for my hobbying and the site. Lets get to the updates. Since it has been several months since the last update this will be a bit long but will provide hotlinks to the category that interests you.

Update Quicklinks: Printing, Painting, Blog

Printing Updates

However, I have been printing like crazy. Let’s break down the projects.

Fantasy Props Logo and Picture credit to STL Miniatures.

Fantasy Props:

I believe to be 95% printed with this project and will check quality and reprint as needed as I do write ups. I have already begun my massive project write up and will add new model print reports every weekday. Stay tuned for that! I’ve guessing that though over 2 kilograms of resin on this project alone. 

There is so much to talk about and discuss with this project.

Monstrous Encounters logo and picture credit to Monstrous Encounters/Dungeon Works.

Monstrous Encounters

Monstrous encounters, is over halfway completed at this point but I have it currently paused the project in order to make sure I am focusing on getting everything sorted and documented for Fantasy Props. Progress will begin again shortly.

Hold my Dwarf image from kickstarter website.

Hold My Dwarf:

Hold my dwarf: I started this in November 2021 and decided to pause resin printing until the completion of the Fantasy Props. 

I am currently planning on using one of he models as a painting benchmark for 2021.

Other Projects:

Printable Scenery Castle:

This is soo close to the completion of printing. It has been difficult to print namely due to assembling as I go rather than having a print list. Also due to the little on who loves to play with the pieces I’ve had to constantly take it apart and box it up. This is definitely a goal to finish printing by the end of the month so I can start painting it. 

FDM Print Profile Comparison:
I’ve also been working on a few projects such as a print profile comparison of some of the most popular FDM cura profiles floating out there. I am aiming to have a write up set out soon. 

Ruin Building set:
Lastly I’ve been printing the vuhelim ruins set which can be found on thingiverse for free and am trying to print ALL the pieces to decide the best combination of ruins. I’m also going to use this set as painting practice for the castle and a test of catalog formatting for the site. 
Overall the printing has been strong now to up my painting game. 

Painting Update

As for painting I’ve been significantly slower. I successfully painted a batch of skeletons from the Dragonlock kickstarter. I have done a deep dive into the painting of bone to help me figure out my preferred method for painting bone as well so the skeletons were applying what I learned.

I have also been going through my printed and unpainted box and finished up some tavern tiles by dungeonworks.

Last but not least I took my first stab at glazing and painted a purple worm from the Dragonlock Kickstarter. It is not 100% completed as I’m currently testing the base ideas. My aim is to make the base explode dirt out like the model just popped out of the Earth. I have a few bases in the testing stage and getting closer and closer to pulling the trigger and doing it on the main piece.

Blog Update

I am constantly playing around with my User experience and attempting to get the best clean and easy to navigate site I can. The primary focus at the moment is to improve the home page appeal and readability of printing logs. The formatting of the past tables are hard to read depending on the device and resolution so I’m attempting to make it better. Thank you for being patient as I work to improve it. 

With that being said Weekly updates are now going to be on Mondays and Fridays are going to have a “major addition” to the site. This can include personal projects or information as a whole regarding an aspect of focus for the site.

With all that being said. A lot of work is happening and having a blast making this dream a reality.

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