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Another week has past and so has another week of work. Overall this week has been extremely productive but not in the usual ways. I have barely been printing and believe I printed only 4 columns for holding my organizational trays I built for scatter terrain. I have also not been painting as much as I would have liked.

However I have been organizing and packing like absolutely crazy. As it turns out my family is going to pick up and move about 800 miles for a new opportunity for us! It is incredibly exciting but overwhelming trying to organize and pack all the hobby things i’ve accumulated over the last few years. I want to make sure I stay organized once I get to the new place and be able to keep up my momentum. This needed to happen anyways so why not now.

Things i’ve organized include but are not limited to:

  • Sorting my entire box of miscellaneous pieces of 3d printed parts that have not been sorted
  • Created 6 more storage boxes with the correct labeling for storage of my dungeon tile collection.
  • Creating a double decker snap closed scatter terrain storage box.

I also finally started an Instagram to keep track of my daily hobby progress and hobbystreak! You can find me at @crazmadsci

Printing Updates

Overall I spent the week writing content and organizing and no printing of note happened.

I did assemble a catapult from Fantasy Props! Check it out. A full write up is to come.

Painting Update

I finally finished painting the giant purple worm from the Dragonlock Miniatures kickstarter mega project. This was my first attempt at glazing and I even went as far as attempt to deep dive into thinking about the theory and application of using an exploding base for the bottom of the miniature. I’ll have the post written up all about it very soon.

Blog Update

So far I am not meeting my 2021 Blog goals with number of posts and such and hope that the wrench of moving and having to get up and change states in 3 weeks isn’t going to ruin my momentum throughout the year.

However I did get to post 3 Print Logs for the Fantasy Props kickstarter I am working on. You can find them here:

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