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This week has been pretty quiet as I build up to some really big projects. Overall i’ve done a lot of printing, improved upon my frequency of writing content (lets keep it up!), and worked on solidifying my knowledge of supports for FDM printing.

Not a massive amount to report on but definitely starting laying the groundwork for some really cool things.

I did post a poll asking what my readers would prefer for Area of Focus for February to add to the site. Make sure you vote before the end of the month! Your vote counts.

Printing Updates

I have almost completed the Fisher’s Hut from Cast N Play which has been a really interesting challenge. The pieces are a cross of made for FDM and made for Resin making the print challenging in both worlds. There is definitely a lot to pack into this project and will results in a major write up for its construction, printing guides, feedback and data revolving around the project.

The last major update given about the building was me figuring out how the pieces fit together as I was slowly working on the walls. Since that public post on instagram I have since finished the rest of the walls, the roof, and am currently printing props for it on my resin printer.

I’ve been also printing to tests for a deep dive support knowledgebase for FDM printed supports and experimenting on those tests for the fishermans hut. Check it out.

The resin printing has been slow due to attempting to use every remaining gram of my anycubic grey resin before I move to my next bottle to test around brands. Most of these prints this week have been isolated props to grow my “bit box”. A lot of isolated props from the Fantasy Prop kickstarter as well as weapons from the January STL Miniatures kickstarter. I am now testing Elegoo ABS-like grey and have been calibrating to go back into mass production mode.

Painting Update

This week for painting has been slower as I have mainly been working on continuing the siege equipment Catapult and Battering Ram from the Fantasy props kickstarter. I also finished my 2021 Benchmark Dwarf last Tuesday.

Also as a documentation standpoint I’ve been attempting to catalog my paint library. We will see how that goes down the road as I only got about 1/4th of my collection logged. Need to focus on getting that finished this week.

Blog Update

As for the blog a major milestone happened this week. I’ve officially paid for real domain name of Crazmadsci.com. I felt like it was more appropriate than Crazy’s Musings as Crazmadsci is who I am and encompasses me more. It feels great to finally pull the trigger.

I also posted a brief write up as to why I’m not actively playing video games heavily for my community and friends who know me in that world. I have gotten a lot of questions lately and figured it was time for a write up.

As for write ups I got my Purple Worm project published as well which was exciting to finally get off my Trello board of things to do and out there. For painting I started to document my recipes/tutorials for myself to reference and perhaps help others. The first up is my homemade wash recipe. This will eventually go into a painting homepage which is actively in development.

Print Logs posted in the last week include: Weapon Racks & Candle Holders. Lets make this goal a new print log every day this week! I’m so close to wrapping up the project and the write ups are the majority of the issue slowing me down. I have significantly improved my documentation and speed for the write ups though which is great.

Progress is happening, slowly but surely. I have really really started to have a lot of enjoyment doing this. So much contentment at the end of my day to write and create for the site.

Until the next time,
Crazmadsci aka Carrie Day

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