So I admit it. I have been avoiding talking about and showcasing my painting skill, or rather what I consider lack thereof. While deep down I know it is not true and that I do know some things about painting figures and terrain, I admit to still feel very much in the infancy of where I eventually desire to grow and become. So what is wrong with posting about personal growth and showing in detail my painting skills?

I struggle showcasing my skill because I am aspiring to turn this site not just into a blog of my personal past time in the hobby space. I aim to turn this site into a cornucopia of material, tutorials, assistance and inspiration for others. However, it is difficult to feel like I have enough authority to write or share on a subject these days when there are so many living examples of expert skills and mastery on the internet. Imposter Syndrome begins to sink in.

So I am forced to ask myself the question. What am I going to do about it? The answer is complicated and one I have been giving a lot of thought. To start I am going to lean into the questions, lean into the experimentation and all the vulnerability that goes along with it. Perhaps readers and others will find something to relate to. Besides wouldn’t putting it out there and seeing the transformation firsthand really be something special? Showcase the journey that my boys can one day see for themselves?

I commonly listen to podcasts and watch more YouTube videos on the subject of painting miniatures then I admit to actively doing. Going with the advice of 10/90 from Uncle Adam of Tabletop Minions I am definitely not painting 90% of the time and watching to learn 10%. I like to pretend that its because of the baby and having so little hobby time. In reality there is fear related to jumping into a project and finishing it. Not wanting to “Ruin” the model. This thought process probably deserves a write up of its own in the future, and one I need to let go of.

However the most recent podcast of Trapped Under Plastic “How Should Beginners Learn” has really struck home with me. Scott the miniature maniac stated that miniature painting is not like grinding your WoW from 1 to 60. That there is no end to the hobby and it is constantly changing and growing. Attempting to jump straight to the end is meaningless. Painting is about the Journey to get there. As someone who has a video game background longer than miniature painting the difference in mentality while basic is a fundamental shift for me. MAN! Why am I so embarrassed showing my journey? So lets change that. I shouldn’t be ashamed of my current location and progress, I mean I have fun painting. That is what is important.

Introducing: Painting

Today marks the launching of a new page which will grow to do exactly what I aim to tackle my insecurities and goals. This will both serve to showcase my growth while also being full of reference material of project documentation and links to places where I’ve learned techniques and skills.

This page will consist of 6 primary categories to help navigate to different areas of the painting past time. Eventually these categories will grow into their own pages and in depth write ups. And of course like any crazy project potentially grow into more categories.

Miniatures: This will contain a showcase of my growth and painted miniature collection.

Buildings and Terrain: This will be a listing and gallery of painted buildings and terrain. I may possible split scatter terrain into another category in the future.

Basing: The collection of bases for miniatures, ramblings of techniques & thought processes of a basing a miniature as well as inspiration of different types of bases.

Tools and Materials: What are the tools and materials at my disposal? What are my personal must haves?

Tutorials and Techniques: There is no better way to learn than to try to teach. Write ups of the various techniques, documentation of information from various sources and my journey through them.

Experimental Deep Dives: How many different ways are there to paint something? How many recipes of bone, wood, leather, armor etc? What is my preference? This will be a deep dive study into how others achieve their goals and direct comparison for future reference material on painting recipes.


The progress of growth in all hobbies is the journey and not just the destination. I need to let go of mental barriers and just jump in. Lets grow the site to be a organized repository of this growth so people can follow along in areas they desire for themselves.

What are you working on? Thanks for reading.

Crazmadsci, Carrie

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