I cannot believe, well maybe I can, that it has been 6 months since I recently posted something to my blog. Sometimes I truly cannot believe how much time can fly, especially when tangled by major life events.

Where have I been over the last few months? Well the answer is simple life has truly taken me by storm. We have accepted a new job for my husband, packed up, moved twice (one temporary living), sold a house, bought a house, had a baby, lost a beloved family member, shipped a world wide launch to a game I was working on and adapting to our whole new world and routine. Let’s just say I’m ready for a bit less life events and more just sitting at my hobby space and painting away at projects.

Although life has taken hold I haven’t stopped painting and trying to maintain momentum, although not what i’d like it to be its still forward.

Saying Goodbye to My Old Space & Community

While I absolutely loved my old hobby space. It was definitely cramped and a bit noisy. I made do with the space I had available and it was definitely used as you can tell. One of my favorite things about moving is that I was promised I get my own dedicated office and hobby room. No longer will I share with our TV, Laundry room and guest bedroom!

However in order to move it required a lot of organizing, getting rid of old things and cleaning. Thank goodness my local game store let me set out a pile of 3D prints and models I no longer wanted in wanted in my collection.

I even gave a new painter my old 3d printed paint racks as I wanted to upgrade in the new space. I’m glad they will see another life (paint not included)

The biggest thing I’m going to miss about my area is how amazing and wonderful the Age of Sigmar community is in Nashville. If you ever go through town on a Tuesday night the Game Keep is where it is out.

Hobby Space Evolution

There was a very long period of time when I had all kinds of temporary painting setups. I will say that those who have to paint at a kitchen table, clean up, put it away or have temporary setups I feel for you. I was starting to go crazy myself not having a consistent meditative space.

I couldn’t articulate how excited I was to have a massive clean slate for my new space.

Although far from done I have been making significant progress on the new space.

Hobby Progress

Also its not complete without some progress on the painting desk. Including a notable completion of 60 hobgrots for my Kruelboyz army, significant progress on 30 gutrippaz and plenty of starts on others like my Gobsprakk and Frost Giant

Completed Projects: 60 Hobgrots


I am sorry that I have been gone so long. I’ve deeply missed writing for the site and putting it back on the regular routine.

What have you been up to in the last 6 months?

Happy Hobby,


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6 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Gets Away From you: July 12, 2023

  1. The last six months? hahaha… I had some wonderful guests for a while, played with cute little kids, read to them, rocked them, fed them, and was very blessed by them. Also, living my crazy days dreaming up new projects and visions for the future. Still going full blast and I’m so glad my special people live so much closer to me now. YAY!

  2. Love the new hobby space with lots of natural light and windows! (Although the baby underneath the previous painting table is +1000!) Hope you are done with transitions for a while!

    1. I also hope I’m done with the transitions for awhile and can just focus on my hobby. As for the baby she is still a fixture of the hobby room often. My two larger tiny humans also have painting projects they work on when they want to hang out. Trying to encourage creativity in every way I can and productivity for me.

  3. 👋 Welcome back! Glad to see that you made good progress. On my side, have not done anything significant for almost 6 months now 😖

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