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Here we are another staple of dungeon scatter terrain, the barrels and crates of supplies. This supply collection is one of the most unique i’ve ever seen. As an added bonus you can print each prop seen as an isolated piece. These would be fantastic for specific diorama building or unique collections. Overall these were easy to print and overall pretty FDM print friendly. The only difficulty printing these models was overhang and bridging issues. You can see some messy overhangs in the gaps between the crates and some of the tarps.

My favorite thing about this collection is that the groupings and have unique shapes and can be put in almost every environment.

Print Issues/ Areas of Improvement

The back view of Supplies A. Displays bridging on the crate and areas of potential improvement.

Print Data

Printer: Prusa mk3s
Filament: Hatchbox Silver PLA
Orientation: Bases against build plate
Layer Height: 0.08 mm
Print Profile: Modified version of Fat Dragon games miniature figure profile
Total Material Used: 80.2 g Filament
Material Cost: $1.60
Total Print Time: 22 hr 20 min

You can see some overhang melt by the bag of grain. The strangest thing about this model is that there is no crate top for this sculpt but displayed as having one in offering renders.
Pretty easy and straight forward print. Very little overhang issues shown at handle of bucket.
Pretty clean and detailed sculpt. No obvious issues visible.
Some very very slight melt between the gaps of the barrels.
This model shows the largest overhang issues at the end of the tarp.
Some overhang observed at edges of tarp

Where to Find these Files

Currently the files for the Supplies are not sold separately. These will be bundled with the entire Fantasy Props Kickstarter late backing. The sculpts and designs are now by the newly branded (November 2020) group on Patreon STL Miniatures.

STL Miniatures: Website
STL Miniatures: Patreon
Online Store: MyMiniFactory (only for past Patreon months currently)
Original Source of Files: 3D Printable Fantasy Props by Rafael Moreno Dominguez


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