Project Overview

The Hold My Dwarf Kickstarter was run by Miniatures of Madness August 23, 2020. This is run by an Italian couple who works together to bring their dreams to life. With one as the sculptor and one as the tester.

This Kickstarter contains 65 different Dwarf models but what really stood out to me is the incredible variety of Dwarven casters and female warriors, some even come with a bearded variant.

I have chosen this kickstarter as one of my 2021 Mega Project Hobby Goals by printing 100% of the models from the collection. Progress in this project are shown below.

Model Scale: 32 mm (head to toe)

All Images of Renders and digitally colored can be found from the Miniatures of Madness Instagram or Myminifactory page.

Completed Projects

Print Logs

Hobur the Party Boy
Aviator Bust
Rufus Breakrock
Klaus the Barrel
Big Holin Longlook
Rargtad the Electrocutioner
Tegnar the Bloodthirsty
Bryna the Indomitable
Kenus the Soulstealer
Bounty Hunter Bust
Vognar Cutthroats
Doran Grimlook
Sinar the Fearless
Rilonna Ironmaid

Mimma the Melee Housewife

In Progress Printing

Dwarf Soldier Set 3
Dwarf Soldier Set 5
Felin Fastep
Baldur the Adventurer
Sonus the Transmutator
Bagnar Meltiron
Kogan the Raider
Kinessa the Fury
Kamli the Summoner
Lomli Longclaw
Ignes the Assault
Dwarf Soldier Set 4
Ordain the Insane
Dwana the Queen
Dorella Breakheart
Dwari the Dynamiter
Hegnar the Impetuous
Dorfas the Eldrith Knight
Doli the Smasher
Luther the King
Malyan the Proud


Models in Print Queue

Dwarf Soldier Set 2
Ignes the Assaultnes the Assault
Kings Bust
25 mm Base
Dwarf Soldier Set 1
Mifur the Stinky
Nurin the Averse
Dwarf Pult
Little Bolin Longlook

Where Can I get the Models?

Models from this kickstarter can be found on MyMiniFactory and consumers can purchase the core bundle for $50 or All In with presupported files for $74.99. You can currently only purchase these files in the set and individual purchase of specific dwarves is not possible as STL files. However you may be capable of paying someone to print them for you if you are capable of finding a licensed printer.

Creator: MiniaturesofMadness
Instagram: Miniatures.of.madness

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