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Assembly: Floor, Walls, Roof, Props & Misc

Overview ~ File Translation Table


As opposed to the roof assembly, the miscellaneous bits added to the building were some of the most straight forward in the entire build so this assembly guide is going to be light. Overall assembly was self explanatory with the exception to the pillars of the porch roof. Also I noticed that Pillar A and B were not the same height and semi floated in the air if attached to the roof. I guess the roof of the porch was supposed to be attached at an angle? Regardless to give these pillars some extra stability I did increase the steps go to around the pillars which I will discuss more in the post process and creative changes for this build. Post: Blacksmith Status Update and Post Processing.

The only miscellaneous pieces that are now shown in these images are the bricks, which I have not actually used yet. Also not shown is the side window roof and blacksmith sign. I am going to paint the entire building before attaching these pieces for easier access to the side of the building.

Below shows the inside of the building with the coals for the furnace. The coals are a different color due to printing in transparent filament to make it functional with a tea light!

Rear view of the building: Back stairs and back oven depicted.

File Replacement/ Translation Chart

The current only difference between FDM and resin printing is that the front steps are included in the FDM files. These front stairs will need to be attached for resin prints.

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