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Overview ~ In Progress ~ Assembly Diagrams ~ File Translation Table


Assembly of the wall pieces for the Blacksmith came together easily and quickly. There were no real surprises and I had no issue fitting all the various components into place. Much like the Blacksmith floor, the number of pieces used in this assembly reflect resin files rather than the FDM ones. This was due to printing an early beta version of the building. If you intend to print this in FDM the wall pieces will come in three pieces rather than 7. Let me know if you have any questions.

Assembly In Progress

Resin & Filament Assembly Diagrams

Since filament printers can print larger pieces on the print bed there CastnPlay has merged several of the STL files to make overall printing and assembly easier. As a result the assembly of the building will be slightly different for FDM piece assembly vs Resin piece assembly. The below images show you the location of STL files for each printer type.

File Replacement/ Translation Chart

If for some reason you would like to print the files in smaller pieces on FDM this translation chart shows which pieces in the Resin file folders make up their FDM counterparts.

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