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The first story of the Cottage from CastnPlay’s Kingdom of Thamarya kickstarter. Printing this base floor of the building was incredibly straight forward as I printed on an FDM printer. Both the walls and base printed as one complete piece and fit on top of each other snuggly. I also printed the wall piece with the addition of tree supports to improve overhangs for the doorway and windows. If you are interested in my print settings for tree supports scroll down to Support Settings

Special Note: Floor & Walls print in 2 pieces each for resin printers. See 1st Story assembly guide for how those pieces are broken up on resin.

Print in Progress

Print Data

For ALL FDM print profile settings used in this print build. Here is the Google Doc which lists them all.

**Special Advice** Cottage base does not need supports to print for FDM.

Printer: Prusa mk3s
Filament: ESun PLA+ Grey
Layer Height: 0.1 mm
Time to Print all components: 1 day 7 hours 37 minutes
Filament to Print: 150.05 g
Estimated Cost to Print: $3.45

First Story Floor

First Story Wall

Support Settings

Cura Tree supports were used for the CTG 1S Wall section. Entire breakdown of support settings for Cura 4.8.0 are shown below (this should also work for Cura 4.9.0).

Required Print Processes

The most notable difficulty is that ALL pieces of this set require rotation of opened STL file to be flat on the print bed when loading into your slicer. The largest thing to look out for is to make sure that the bottom of each base piece is flush against the build plate. This ensures a good solid layer of adhesion for your print and best success while printing. When looking for the side to put against the build plate look for the side that has no details.

Image below shows rotation of piece from Fishers Hut print logs but concept is same for Cottage as well.

Example of FH_Base_A model loaded into Cura and required rotation

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