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Assembly of the 3rd story for the Cottage is probably the most complicated of the three floor as I printed using the resin STLs on my FDM printer rather than FDM provided files. Assembly shown below represents the pieces & assembly for resin printers, however is produced using filament. I do not show the assembly for the non attic based third story version of the building but the only difference in assembly is the addition of the attic/gable on top will not be required.

There were some gaps in the roof pieces which I later filled with Milliput shown in Post process writeup.

Assembly In Progress

Assembly in progress of 3rd story walls.

Assembly in progress of 3rd story roof. Attic goes in blank space for V2 roof Variant.

Resin & Filament Assembly Diagrams

Resin assembly is displayed above. FDM 3rd Story assembly is not required as the entire section is printed in one complete piece.

File Replacement/ Translation Chart

If you prefer to print this building using provided FDM files, you would merely need to print:

3rd Story No attic: CTG_3S_V1
3rd Story with attic/gable: CTG_3S_V2

If you would rather print with resin files all files printable and needed are shown in the Cottage 3rd Story Print log.

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