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General Store Assembly in Progress

The Process

In order to bring this building to life the model bust be downloaded, printed, assembled, cleaned up and then printed. Below you will find the entire process of creating this building and links for you to dive deeper into a specific area of interest.

Concept Art

General Store. Original Source Cast N Play files & MyMiniFactory website.

An image I constantly used as reference for both parts and assembly. The detail and breakdown of this render is definitely worth the shoutout to the team at CastnPlay as it goes above and beyond showing the detail and work involved in this model.

Printing Logs

Curious as to how the whole thing is put together? Check out guides below to see. Special shout out to the Wall & Roof sections which have ALL Support settings used for Cura 4.8.

For ALL FDM print profile settings used in this print build. Here is the Google Doc which lists them all.

1st Story Floor
2nd Story Floor
Second Story Roof
1St Story Wall
2nd Story Wall
Second STory Props and Misc


Curious as to how the whole thing is put together? Check out guide below to see.

Specific Guides

First Story Floor

Second Story Floor

Second Story Roof

First Story Walls

Second Story Walls

Props & Misc

Post Processing


This building has yet to be painted. Once it is painted I will add the link and information to painting of this General Store.

Product Review

Print Difficulty: Advanced
Supported: FDM & Resin presupports provided *Note* I use my own supports for FDM

The General Store print difficulty I give an advanced rating. Due to the supports and cuts of the General Store Entrance as well as the railings of the second story successful printing was difficult. To overcome this difficulty I used my own supports and some resin sliced pieces for easier printing.

Assembly: Intermediate

The Blacksmith while pretty straight forward in rectangular shape, I have rated the difficulty of assembly as intermediate. Due to the number of number of pieces and fit of several of the pieces. The most difficulty in my personal experience was the roof, which should be fixed with current version. However the porch poles to support the roof were floating and not attached to anything. This required me to extend and add to the front stairs and provide stability on my own.

Customer Support: Exceeds Expectations

I will absolutely admit that I am a massive fan of the sculpting company CastnPlay. This group is one of the largest patreon companies for supplying 3D sculpts for tabletop gaming. Their specialization is has always been miniatures printed on Resin printers and have provided helpful print settings and troubleshooting assistance. The team at CnP has been extremely receptive to suggestions and feedback while answering questions most significantly through their discord server. If you have questions going to their discord would be my suggestion but I am sure their facebook page or instagram would help out too.

File Source

Created by Cast n Play
Source: Kingdom of Thamarya Kickstarter

The General Store can be purchased separately for $15.99 on MyMiniFactory.

KingDom of Thamarya

Follow along the work and print jobs of other Kingdom of Thamarya models.

Spot an issue?

Feel free to reach me if you spot an issue or have any further questions!

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