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Project Main: Lost Adventures Vol 1


Here comes yet another collection from the Lost Adventures Volume 1 collection. What makes me really love these bandits is the fact that the bandits themselves are completely unique. Unlike other bandit gangs the races and genders of this crew are a great variety along with bases. The largest characteristic that brings them together is their ratty and worn cloaks which I will probably paint in a similar color scheme.

What also makes this collection special for me is that these models are the first from The Makers Cult i’ve ever added to my collection. I’ve been following the sculptor Will McKay for some time and find his work popular in tabletop skirmish games. The Makers Cult leans heavily towards Sci-Fi and futuristic sculpts which is different than my normal collection. That is probably the main reason why I have so little of Will’s work. Hopefully this will change in the future.

Overall I love the detail and these were incredibly straightforward and easy to print with zero issue. 100% recommend for the hobby enthusiast.

Print Issues/ Areas of Improvement

Printed without issue. Even the stitching on the cloaks were supported.

Printed Images

Print Data

Printer: Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K
Resin: Elegoo ABS-Like Grey
Layer Height: 0.05 mm

Time to Print all components: 5 hr 8 min
Resin to Print: 42.2 g
Estimated Cost to Print: $1.73 or $0.35 per miniature *Note: Bases included in cost calculation*

Where to Find these Files

These files can be currently found on the Lost Adventures Co Website and are apart of the Lost Adventures Vol 1 Kickstarter.

Lost Adventures Co: Website
Lost Adventures Vol 1: Late Pledge All-In $80.00
Individual Purchase: Bandit Gang: $10.99
Sculptor: Will Mckay (Makers Cult)

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