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Project Main: Lost Adventures Vol 1


The Graveyard Golem from the Lost Adventures Vol 1 Kickstarter is so far my absolute favorite sculpt of the entire Kickstarter. I never would have guessed it looking a just the render of the boss but this model is absolutely packed with detail and story telling. Hands down this is probably one of my favorite models of all time i’ve ever printed.

Your band of adventurers have crept into the graveyard using only the haunting yellow light illuminating from the full moon. Slowly but surely as you get closer to your goal of retrieving the hidden tomb from the Mausoleum you feel the earth beneath you start to quake. Within a matter of a few seconds you fall 10 feed down and look up. What was the ground underneath you is now a 10 foot tall animated stone golem. Looking at this frightening creature you see that it has made its body out of the graveyard itself. Covered in tombstones at its head moving down into the coffins and bodies of long departed embedded into its body. This surely must be a formidable foe……

With a model covered in the detail of holy symbols, skeletons, coffins, and even chains long buried into the ground. Who knows what kind of story you can tell just looking at this figure. I only hope that I will be able to paint it up enough to do it justice.

Not only did this model print easily but I appreciated the selective placement of the hollow holes to reduce resin waste and the fit of the figure for assembly was spectacularly easy and fit like a glove. The only piece of warning is that the figure is slightly top heavy so I would potentially put weights on the bottom to ensure it does not fall over, note I have not yet glued the base to the figure to improve reach and make it easier for painting the model.

Print Issues/ Areas of Improvement

Absolutely none. This model was sculpted well, keyed incredibly, hollowed, and printed flawlessly!

Printed Images

Print Data

Printer: Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K
Resin: Epax Hard Grey
Layer Height: 0.05 mm

Time to Print all components: 1 day 12 hr 33 min
Resin to Print: 163.2 g *Combined with various other miniatures
Estimated Cost to Print: $6.11 *Estimate is high due to including other pieces printed with this*

Where to Find these Files

These files can be currently found on the Lost Adventures Co Website and are apart of the Lost Adventures Vol 1 Kickstarter.

Lost Adventures Co: Website
Lost Adventures Vol 1: Late Pledge All-In $80.00
Individual Purchase: Graveyard Golem: $12.99

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